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Learn about PRA a blinding   
disease in dogs"click below"
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Consider choosing a male puppy!

There is a preconceived idea today that females make better pets and are easier to house train than males. This, I feel, is absolutely
false. A male that has been neutered is a wonderful pet and every bit as good as any female! They do not develop bad habits like
marking and riding ankles. They squat and go to the bathroom just like a female without hesitations. They are every bit as lovable and
cuddly as any female and a lot of times less moody. This does not include the fact that males are easier to neuter and cost less to fix
than a female. A female must have major surgery and be pampered after her surgery, Also some females are just as bad about males at
lifting their leg and marking  after spaying

It is my opinion after years as a breeder that some males are calmer and more willing to please their owners than some females .

Once a male has learned to raise his leg, he will continue to do this even if he is neutered, but this does not mean that he is incapable of
being potty trained. This just means that he will hike his leg instead of squatting to pee. My males are very calm and love attention just
like my females. If your male should still mark it is  an easy fix with a belly band(( male Diaper))They make wonderful pets.

Please keep an open mind when deciding on a puppy that is right for you. Make your decision based on color, size, health, and most   
importantly temperament, not just the sex of the puppy. That loving adorable face you fall in love with could be a male
Registered Nubian Dairy Goats
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*** *Our Poodle Puppy's are placed in pet homes OR for agility only with AKC pet limited registration  
******************and with a Spay / Neuter request, I do not place for breeding purposes
*******All puppy's will have no less than 2 puppy shots and two worming when they leave here
                     ************** for their new home

******None of our poodles are effected by PRA a eye disorder that will cause blindness as all of our  
****producing parents come from testing back in there pedigree, we are currently testing each  
                             ***********  individual      

I will not ship any small puppy  by air cargo until at least 10-12 weeks old and I prefer they go in cabin         
**with a shipping nanny when possible and if to many hours contained in a crate. You are  
welcome to fly in meet with us and fly your baby back with you  at a earlier age at 8 weeks
*****When we do ship cargo we go out of our way to insure the puppy/dogs total comfort, we will not   
*****   ship  in a crate that does not leave ample extra room for potty, we use a potty pad and  some  
**********   shredded paper to the back to absorb so the crate can stay as dry as possible
*********     There is more than enough bedding to insure  again the comfort of the  pet.

                                                          Circumstances can apply
Please be very careful with picking a breeder you can be in heaven or OH NO in a  
short time. Please understand breeders must be very sure of there babies new  
                     homes so we may ask you a lot of questions.
                                            It works both ways
*If you are Local and wish a puppy to be seen  
by your vet than please let it be known before  
hand, I have no problems with that, but said  
baby will not leave my possession  before full
payment is made, if you are over a hour away a
added 150.00 will be added to purchase price for
my gas and time. You do not take my babies with
purchase price not paid without me to your vet
We are not easy to scam so do not even try
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